Vampire Facelift: Natural Non Surgical PRP Facelift



Face the truth, no woman enjoys looking older, but sadly, time eventually catches up with everyone. Because of this hard to bear fact, scientists have created a wide variety of treatments in the quest to find the actual, modern day fountain of youth. The Vampire Facelift is a brilliant scientific breakthrough in this eternal quest to stave off the ravages of time.

Do You Show These Signs of Aging?

The signs of aging are all too obvious to the well-trained eye. These include:

  • The skin turns gray as a result of decreased blood flow.
  • The texture of the skin deteriorates to where the rosy and youthful hue (seen commonly in playing children) is lost.
  • The face collapses as collagen and muscles diminish over time

While a person can not stop the advance of time and its ill effects entirely, she can slow them down considerably and even significantly reverse them with proven, expert, and advanced treatment.

How Does The Vampire Facelift Work?

The Vampire Facelift also known as Selphyl, works on scientifically proven principles.

The doctor draws blood from which he is able to identify and isolate platelets inside the woman’s own blood with the help of a technologically advanced centrifuge. The platelet rich fibrin matrix  (PRFM) will be extracted.

After that these platelets are expertly activated in a cutting edged process so that minimally eight growth factors emerge from the platelets. These are the platelet rich plasmas that typically heal harmed skin tissue. These growth factors boost new blood and collagen production, which helps rejuvenate skin growth, as if skin had been damaged and lost.

Finally the doctor re-injects the woman’s blood and growth factors into her face to activate the stem cells present in the skin so that they believe there has been a skin injury and they generate new and younger skin tissue. Stem cells are the miraculous master cells that can regrow and regenerate practically any part of the human body, if only they are told to do so.

These stem cells transform into new blood, additional collagen, and more fatty tissue in an effort to “fix” the skin that has never really been injured in the first place.

The final end result product is actual younger looking skin that is organically created within and by the natural processes of the body, all by utilizing the woman’s own blood to improve her own face.

Benefits of The Vampire Facelift

There’s are just a few main benefits to the Vampire Facelift:

  1. The woman’s skin texture and color improves significantly.
  2. Her wrinkles are reduced.
  3. Thanks to the boost in collagen production, she gains smoother skin.
  4. The woman benefits from the elimination of dark circles from under the eyes and other places, a major tell-tale sign of aging that is then completely gone.

What to Expect During the Procedure?

It is natural for patients to be nervous and even uncomfortable about the thought of a procedure with the words face lift and vampire used together in the same descriptive phrase.

A non surgical all natural facelift itself couldn’t be any simpler or safer. It is not major surgery. The vampire facelift is not even outpatient surgery. It is a one hour in and out of office time procedure that generates practically no side effects. Here is how it works:

  1. The physician draws around 2 teaspoons of blood from the individual.
  2. The doctor extracts the plasma rich platelets from the blood and then activates them.
  3. These activated platelets are then injected beneath the skin of the face using needles.
  4. Utilizing micro needles, the doctor finally injects the activated plasma rich platelets back into the face beneath the top layers of the skin.

Most of the one hour spent in the procedure and doctor’ s office is actually routine time that is taken up while the doctor and patient wait for the blood platelets to be extracted from the patient’s blood in the state of the art centrifuge.

Is The Vampire Facelift Procedure Painful?

Many prospective clients will want to know about the level of pain involved with the procedure. The good news is that there is very little discomfort associated with the Vampire Facelift process. Our office staff applies a potent topical cream to all relevant facial regions that then numbs the skin against possible pain.

It is true that some patients could experience a slight tingling sensation from the needles and pins, but the patients who have undergone the procedure already reported to us that the level of pain is minimal and is also most tolerable.

How Long Does The PRP Facelift Last?

The official response is that this treatment lasts for approximately one year. In some cases it has endured with good effect for up to two years.

For those women who want to continue the benefits of the treatment and even increase it, the Vampire Facelift can be repeated every six months as desired.

This not only maintains the benefits gained by the treatment, but it also compounds and multiplies the effects of the results as the collagen that is present only increases with each application.

How Soon Can I Resume My Normal Activities After the Procedure is Completed?

With many surgical facelifts, there is a typical from one to three week recovery time during which the patients may not resume their normal daily routine and rigorous activities.

With the Vampire Facelift, there is practically no downtime or recovery time.

It is possible that patients may experience a slight swelling or minor redness following the procedure. This is not a serious side effect. It simply signifies that the person’s immune system is functioning properly to repair and regrow the affected skin tissues of the face normally.

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