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Price, Quality and Experience….All BOTOX® procedures utilize 100% Allergan BOTOX® and are performed by Dr. Dissick, who has been successfully treating patients with BOTOX®, RADIESSE, JUVEDERM, and RESTYLANE. Feel comfortable that you are getting the very best Botox® pricing in South Florida by one of the most experienced Botox® medical practitioners in Florida.


Laughter, sadness, anger and surprise – your face shows all of your emotions to the world. And a lifetime of emotions means your facial muscles have been put to the test, leading to wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines.

All these signs of emotion can leave you looking older than your years – but thanks to today’s technology, we can significantly reduce their appearance on your face. With BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, you will be able to see a visible improvement to the wrinkles on your face – and you’ll have smoother skin.

Dr. Dissick personally performs all Botox and filler treatments. During a Botox procedure, Dr. Dissick administers small injections directly into the area you’d like to improve. If you’re concerned about pain, or have sensitive facial areas, we’ll be happy to apply an ice pack or anesthetic to the area we’ll be working on.

The purified protein from the injection goes to work immediately on the facial muscles that are causing wrinkles. You will begin to notice visible improvements over the next week.

BOTOX® is a highly effective, safe, non-surgical procedure that can dramatically reduce the appearance of the toughest wrinkles. Injections of BOTOX® into facial muscles block the chemicals that signal muscle contraction and relaxes the overlying skin and soft tissue. Results are first seen in three to seven days after injection and can last from three to six months. No recovery time is needed. With regular reapplication the results begin to last longer, especially if treatments are done before the muscles are allowed to return to full strength.

Millions of Americans have benefited from Botox® treatments to treat, as well as prevent, frown lines of the face and crow’s feet around the eyes. Often wrinkles are creases that have been worn into the skin and subcutaneous tissue by making the same repeated expression over many years. The muscles causing these “expression lines” can be relaxed by blocking nerve impulses.

Areas Treated

  • Frown lines between the eyes
  • Furrows and lines across the forehead
  • Worry lines in forehead
  • Lines between the eyebrows
  • Smile lines
  • Laugh lines, from nose to mouth
  • Crow’s feet





Are you starting to pay more attention to the wrinkles across your forehead, the lines between your eyes, or your crow’s feet? If those areas are starting to bother you, BOTOX® might be the answer for you.  BOTOX® provides the ability to relax the muscles around your forehead, between your eyes and by your crow’s feet to “smooth out” these wrinkles and is extremely effective.  BOTOX® Cosmetic is a very safe and quick procedure that has no down time and is virtually painless. It is best to choose a medical practitioner that has artistic skills and listens to what expectations you may have to be able to achieve your desired results. Make sure your medical practitioner uses only FDA approved ALLERGAN.

You will start seeing results within 7 days and the results from BOTOX® typically last 3-4 months. I get asked a lot on what age someone concerned about their wrinkles should start using BOTOX®. Some people start aging very early (especially if they have been in the sun a lot or a smoker). My answer is generally when you start seeing the lines “at rest”, which means you are starting to see the lines while having no facial expression. Right when you start seeing the lines would be a good time to start using BOTOX® to prevent the “etching” in your skin and to avoid deep wrinkles that would follow. I am also asked quite often about the safety concerns on injecting BOTOX® in your skin. BOTOX® is quite safe and is FDA approved.


Are you starting to notice the lines running between your nose and your mouth? If so, dermal fillers might be the answer for you. As our skin ages, the dermis gradually loses its major constituents: collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen acts as the major support protein for our skin; elastin allows our skin to stay firm and resist wrinkles; hyaluronic acid helps to trap water and add volume and shape to our skin. A Dermal Filler a compound made up of Hyaluronic Acid that is a proven cure to virtually eliminate the deep lines around your nasolabial folds (lines between your nose and mouth) and other moderate to severe facial folds on your face. Dermal Fillers also enhance the facial contouring and can physically enhance the lips. Because Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the body, it dissolves naturally with time and requires no allergy testing prior to treatment.

The three most popular dermal fillers on the market are; Restylane®, Radiance® and Juvederm®. The most popular is Restylane® because it has been around the longest. Juvederm® is quickly gaining popularity because of it’s ability to last longer. However selecting a filler with your medical practitioner will depend on area treated and desired outcome. Most results last up to six months to a little over a year. The most common side effect is a little bruising after the injections. Some mild burning and stinging is normal and quickly resolves. Injection of fillers usually requires the use of either a topical numbing cream or a local injection of numbing medication. Then, using a small needle, the dermal filler is injected into each wrinkle or scar that requires treatment.

We welcome you to come in for a free, private consultation and talk about if BOTOX– Cosmetic treatment is right for you, and Dr. Dissick  will be glad to answer any and all of your questions.

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