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Get back your Youth @ Vitality Spa Skin Tightening Laser

April 6, 2018By 0 Comments

      Using an advanced Skin Tightening Laser allows us to provide a comfortable way to tone and tighten your skin. Light based RF laser treatment promote immediate collagen contraction that stimulates collagen into a long-term rebuilding process.  Used to treat facial, neck and skin on various areas of the body, treatments defy aging by turning […]

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Turkey Neck? We can help you @Vitality Laser Spa

November 16, 2017By 0 Comments

The skin on your neck, like the skin on your, face is very susceptible to the signs of aging. Two of the most common signs of aging are saggy skin and turkey neck. In this article, we are going to show you how to get rid of turkey neck and regain the smooth, tight skin […]

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Below the damage, a healthy fresh skin is waiting to be revealed

September 18, 2017By 0 Comments

    Improve your Skin Tone and Texture Everyone wants smooth and healthy looking skin. Most of us probably did have perfect skin, during our early childhood or even before our teens hit. As life went on pimples lead to scars, puberty lead to breakouts and too much sun exposure resulted in skin discoloration and […]

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July 1, 2017By 0 Comments

  With the baby boomers aging, interest in skin care that defies the clock is growing. But wanting to stop aging isn’t just a baby boomer phenomenon. In fact, interest in maintaining youthful skin is starting earlier and earlier. It’s true that we age from the moment we are born. The speed at which age […]

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