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VelaSmooth™ is one of the most technologically advanced treatments for cellulite and is rapidly gaining in popularity world-wide. The rate of success and safety of this procedure have made it the first non-invasive, non -surgical method for cellulite reduction that has complete FDA approval.

VelaSmooth™ works by using “electro-optical synergy” to help smooth the appearance of cellulite, contour the body and tighten the skin. This method uses massage rollers, lasers and vacuum suction to help minimize and target deposits of fat. It works most effectively in cases where there is cellulite that is moderate to severe.

Before you have a treatment, your technician will examine and evaluate your body to determine a treatment plan that will work to reduce the problem cellulite. The rollers and vacuum work to manipulate skin in your problem areas such as the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdominal region by getting down to the deepest layers of the body and smoothing out the tissue underneath. Massage helps the lasers to get deep into the tissues more easily. VelaSmooth™ sends radio frequencies, as well as infrared light into the fat and the heat and light combination helps to speed the metabolism of these cells to shrink them.

VelaSmooth™ has been found to be safe for all skin types and is very effective on larger parts of the body including the thighs, upper arms, buttocks and abdomen. Patients have said that a treatment feels much like a deep tissue massage with warmth.

There is no need to take any down time after a VelaSmooth™ treatment. Patients can begin doing normal activities immediately after the treatment.

VelaSmooth™ stands apart from other treatments for cellulite such as Mesotherapy and Endermologie by using electrical-optical synergy technology. It uses a mixture of bi-polar radio frequency, tissue manipulation, light infrared energy, the elos technology incorporates the dual action rollers and vacuum of Endermologie and allows them to smooth and manipulate the skin effectively with aid of the infrared and RF energies. These help to stimulate the metabolism and shrink the fat cells, while tightening skin and allowing rapid reduction of cellulite.

Some of the additional VelaSmooth™ benefits include relief from muscle pains and aches and improved circulation.

The area that’s been treated often looks slightly pink and will often feel warm for about 30 minutes following a session.

If you are searching for an advanced form of cellulite reduction, then VelaSmooth Cellulite Treatment can help.

When undergoing VelaSmooth™ Cellulite Treatment, patients will need a series of 10 sessions once a week.  Once the initial series is complete, patients will need to continue to return for treatments about once a month in order to keep the cellulite free results.  All patients are encouraged to drink lots of water, start a exercise regiment as well as maintain a healthy, balanced diet, because these  factors can greatly influence the production of cellulite.  By following these guidelines, it is very possible to see cellulite free results with the VelaSmooth™ Cellulite Treatment.

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In conjunction with that we have a great treatment for Stretch Marks.

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