Feel Gorgeous Holiday Skin with a Pumpkin Skin Peel

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Exfoliate and deeply nourish skin for the holidays with a Pumpkin skin peel. Facial peels offer benefits for aged and photo-damaged skin, acne, hyper pigmentation (brown spots or age spots) and scar reduction. Pumpkin peels use the enzyme of the pumpkin to exfoliate and introduce vitamins and nutrients into the skin. In many cases, pumpkin peels result in immediate clarity and smoothness in the skin. Pumpkin is full of beta carotene and vitamin A, which help to stimulate circulation and promote healing.

Pumpkin contains the highest concentration (among vegetables) of Vitamin A (beta carotene), a highly active antioxidant. It targets the cell receptors responsible for activating cell turnover and stimulates growth of the base layer of the epidermis, helping the cells progress to maturity and giving structural integrity to both the epidermis and the dermis.

Pumpkin also contains proteolytic enzymes, which help in breaking down the keratin bond between dead cells. This allows the sloughing of the outer layer of dead cells without damaging the inner living cells. Vitamin C, also present in pumpkins, is another active antioxidant beneficial in warding off free radicals.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) penetrate the layers of the skin, encouraging the turnover of the cells in the epidermis and the follicles – post treatment – bringing younger cells to the surface and cleansing the follicles of debris and dead cells. In addition the skin normally feels more taut following this treatment.

The combination of ingredients and antioxidants strengthen the skin’s defenses against free radicals, fighting the ravages of aging. Collagen and elastin rejuvenation is also stimulated
by the AHAs.*

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